Well its been a great year and we are already fairly far along into 2016. Just got back from another fantastic month training in Ocala and looking forward to the upcoming show season!

Lots of exciting things coming up in the next few months, a shopping trip to Holland to find the next great young jumper and some trips to the race track to find another OTTB project horse.

Updates to come!


Fall update!

Here I am beginning my blog, a bit later than I initially expected but I'm doing it!

Its been a whirlwind of a year but a great summer. Even though I didn't get a chance to event as much as I would have liked, I had a fantastic time experiencing the uncharted waters of the jumper world. Who would have thought that a discipline that is, in theory, one third of eventing could be such a different experience. Elliot has been jumping around the 3'6 classes confidently and I am very much looking forward to spending the winter smoothing out all the fine details to prep for the 1.20 classes in the spring. We have also been training hard on the flat and hope to do a few dressage shows next summer. I would really love to get in the ring at 2nd and 3rd level and work towards earning my bronze medal.

Graham has been such a fun project and I am loving every minute of it. Those baby horses are incredibly fulfilling. There is nothing like the feeling of taking one that knows nothing and bringing them along to the horse shows. Graham has had a lot of field trips lately and even though he is a bit overwhelmed by my ambitious timeline he has been jumping around like a champ! We had a great weekend at the South Farm mini even though we acquired many time penalties as a result of my choice to school the water! lol He has not had an opportunity to see many water jumps and it was closed for schooling the day before. He will get it before too long but for now I need to find a few places to get him in the water! He has the combined test at Hackamore in a couple weeks and then on to Kentucky for Team Challenge for his first big boy show. 

I have had a great summer sitting under some wonderful instruction. There is always something great to learn from everyone and it has been fun to get some different points of view and different training techniques. Besty and Lewis and Lewis have been fantastic showing me the ropes of the jumper shows, Robin Walker has really helped me narrow down the little details I need to work on ridability, Tammy Cagno has been awesome helping me with some gymnastics, and Therese Evans has been giving me some wonderful guidance on the flat. I feel so blessed to have all of these great instructors in my life.

I am still hoping to have the opportunity to spend some time in Ocala in February. It would be wonderful to play at HITS and take Graham eventing in the sunshine. Here's to hoping the stars with align!!!