Lessons and Training

If you are new to horseback riding, lessons can be arranged on the fantastic school horses we have available. Students can get a great start on their basics, including equitation and horsemanship, and once they get strong enough and skills improve they can move forward to develop their dressage and jumping skills!

We are also very excited to offer lessons with Jamie's assistant, Tiffany McDermott. Tiffany is a very skilled and is fantastic with young riders and those who are looking to develop their basics and learn about the sport.

If you decide you love riding and want to continue to progress to enjoying things like recognized horse shows and more advanced riding, we are happy to help you learn about what it takes to own your own horse. We have many equestrian connections and have organized shopping trips all over the country. Jamie will help you find exactly the right fit for your budget and give you the skills you need to get a great start to your riding career!

If you are already an accomplished rider who is looking to sharpen your eventing, dressage, or jumping skills, Jamie is happy to get you in a steady program to help you reach your goals. She will also be available for coaching at horse shows to be sure you get the support you need and get the most out of your competition.

Full training and training rides can be arranged at any time according to what you and your horse need. We want to tailor the training program to each individual client to make sure you have a great experience and progress as much as possible.